Shelter by Jay Crownover REVIEW

Here I am again, gushing about Jay Crownover. I know it’s a lot at the moment, but she’s coming out with so many good books recently, it’s hard not to talk about them!

This should be the last one for a bit! I just love Jay so much.

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The Upside of Being Single by Emma Hart NOW ON SALE

The Upside of Being Single by Emma Hart NOW ON SALE


Today is the release of a book that I absolutely adored. I had never read an Emma Hart book before and I’m glad I read this one because it was wonderful romantic and hilarious.

Happy book birthday to The Upside of Being Single and Emma Hart! Check out what it’s about, an exclusive excerpt and all the order links below!

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Review Blitz: Escape by Jay Crownover & Excerpt

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I’m pretty sure I could talk about Jay Crownover’s books for days. So here’s another post about more books of hers because I am obsessed.

The Getaway Series is probably my second favorite series of Jay’s (I don’t think anything can top the Marked Men for me!) because I am loving these books. Shelter was released in late December and Escape comes out today, Jan. 30! I read them both recently and LOVED them.

Happy happy book birthday to the wonderful Jay Crownover! I’m so happy Escape is out in the world today! All the links to check out this amazing book and an excerpt are all below!

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Recovered by Jay Crownover COVER REVEAL

Recovered by Jay Crownover COVER REVEAL

Hello one and all!

Happy Thursday! A fun fact about me: Thursday are my favorite day of the week mostly because it’s my day off from work. It’s a day where I schedule meetings with my local public library because I serve on the library’s board of trustees. It’s one of my favorite things to do because we all know how important libraries are!

Anyway! Today is also a special day because it’s one of my favorite author’s cover reveal day! Jay Crownover, whom I have loved for a very long time and read every single one of her books, released the cover of her newest release, Recovered, set to come out March 27. Check out all the info about the book, see the awesome cover and preorder it today!

This was a book that was released to Jay’s newsletter subscribers (which I am one of and have already read this… it’s amazing) so her release day launch will be a bit different. Check out her social media or website for more information: Crownover’s Crowd and


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The Royals by Erin Watt

The Royals by Erin Watt

My first book review of 2018!

The new year is here (I’m a poet) and I am already behind on book reviews. Man, starting off on a great foot. Go me. Technically I read these three books by a co-author duo at the end of 2017, but I honestly read them so fast, I couldn’t even wrap my head around all the drama.

So. I read Paper Princess, Broken Prince and Twisted Palace, all by Erin Watt.

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Readings Goals of 2018

Happy 2018! pexels-photo-210661.jpeg

I am so happy 2017 has come to an end and we can put that mess of a year behind us. So far, 2018 has gone pretty well, but then again we’re only five days in so that’s not saying much.

I, like everyone else it seems, have created a list of goals for myself for 2018 in regards to reading. I feel like I have to set some for myself to stay accountable throughout the year when I just don’t feel like crawling out of the weird dark hole I find myself in sometimes. So, here’s hoping I can follow through with them!

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