Trust by Kylie Scott

Do you ever just read a book that hits you so hard in the feels, in the very depths of your soul, that when you close it you feel like you’ve closed a chapter of your own life?

I haven’t either. That is until I read Trust by Kylie Scott.

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Jay Crownover’s Getaway series COVER REVEAL!

Jay Crownover’s Getaway series COVER REVEAL!

Hello one and all! I have something SUPER exciting to share with you today and it’s about one of my favorite authors EVER. So, in case you’re new here, I am obsessed with Jay Crownover. I love her books and the beautiful stories (and hot, hot guys) she creates, and she’s got some great books coming out soon.

Jay published one of my favorites books by her, Retreat, at the end of last year as a surprise! I freaking ate it up because the story was so different than anything she’s published before and I loved it. Check out my review here!  Yeah, you can tell I adored that book. Now we’re getting the next two standalone books in the Getaway Series, Sheltered and Escape!

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The Hearts We Sold by Emily Lloyd-Jones

I received my second-ever Owl Crate in August and I was pretty excited to get it. I think I was in the last batch to be sent so I got mine super late compared to others, which meant I had a hard time not being spoiled. And I was. But that’s okay because I loved it so much.

The Edgar Allan Poe-ka dot socks are a little small for me (I have giant feet) and I don’t drink coffee, but that fountain pen is my favorite thing ever.

This month’s book was The Hearts We Sold by Emily Lloyd-Jones! I’d never heard of it before it came in the box, but I was excited to dive into it.

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Slammed by Colleen Hoover

Long time no see!

Let’s talk about why I’ve been missing for so long. 1) My small town was hit with devastating flooding, causing millions in damage and knocking our power out for over 40 hours. I work at the local newspaper, so I was busy for two weeks covering the flood from a million different angles and perspectives. Now things are starting to slow down a little and I have a few moments to breath. If you’re interested in hearing about what happened with my small town, check out 2) My interenet has been down since the flooding happened. Apparently in the storms that dumped 15 inches of rain on my town in 24 hours destroyed our internet router. It was finally fixed and I’m connected to the rest of the world again!

So, during this of no internet, I’ve actually been reading a few books! Nothing like no connectivity to the world to make you read more. I should try that more often.

Anyway. To Books!

I’ve been a fan of Colleen Hoover for a long time. I’ve been slowly working on collecting all her books (because I have a book buying problem) but it turns out I haven’t actually read them all. In order to call myself a CoHort (which is what fans of Colleen call themselves), I need to read all her books. So I picked up her first book, Slammed.

This review is filled with spoilers. Sorry. That’s just the way I roll. It’s a good one. You should read it. I went into this not knowing anything about it, and that’s how I’d recommend it to you.

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Mid-Year Book Freakout 2017

I know I’m a little late with this, but I’m now getting out of this weird depression-type feeling I’ve been having for a few weeks and finally feel like getting back into writing! Hello everyone!

Many, let me tell you  – depression kind of sucks. And by kind of I mean majorly. I just got into this weird funk where I didn’t want to really talk to people or go outside much. It wasn’t fun.


This is the mid-year book freakout 2017 tag, which features books you’ve read throughout 2017. I’m kind of disappointed with myself because I haven’t read as many books as I thought I had, but oh well. I’m on track with my Goodreads challenge so there’ that!

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Podcasts I’m Obsessed With

I have been in a major reading slump lately. I think I’ve just been so busy with life and work that it’s been hard to find time to read books. That makes me extremely sad.

So – instead of reading, I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts. They’re so easy to listen to while I’m at work or in the car. I know, I could be listening to an audio book, but in my defense – podcasts are free and that is directly in my budget.

There are four major podcasts that I listen to religiously. I know I mostly focus on books here, but I’d thought I would share the other media/stories I’ve been ingesting. You might find a theme in the majority of the podcast I listen to…

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